In Short

Homeplace – Riga, Latvia

Business Profile – Building construction, construction frames 

Operational area – The Baltics, Scandinavia, Great Britain

Specialization – Prefabricated reinforced concrete and steel building structures


We help develop better cities by constructing inspiring buildings where people love to live, work, and unwind zealously.


At the core of our team are friendly, reliable, and inventive experts who are working hand in hand to deliver outstanding results.

We design professionally, produce in high quality, and assemble efficiently and accurately.

We work in a way that is safe for both people and the environment.



We provide aesthetically pleasing, innovative, and safe reinforced concrete frames.


Kindness and support


Creativity and fearlessness



“Scholarship For Friends” 

The purpose of the project “The Vītoli Foundation” is to help capable, hard-working, disadvantaged young people to study in Latvian high schools by granting them scholarships.


Laugh therapy

While the primary task of medical staff is the care and treatment of the child’s physical health, Clown Doctors provide psychological support to the child and their family, helping to calm and overcome both physical and emotional pain.