Join Our Team

We are welcoming junior and experienced construction professionals to our team! Send us your CV with a motivational letter expressing our willingness to work in Deprom, and to become one of our professionals carrying out international construction projects.

We work together as a team that wants and can deliver promised results. We walk the extra mile based on our experience and knowledge. We consider our clients and partners as members of our teams because we’re all driven by the same force — to build comfortable and timeless buildings for people. 


In our culture of work, we commit ourselves to do more than it’s expected of us: we listen to our customers’ problems and needs. And we always try finding the best solutions, because we are determined to keep moving forward in what we are doing. And we always deliver. 


Our team starts with junior specialists and is based on experienced experts who complete each other with new ideas and professional fervor. 

For our work and day to day life, we have taken inspiration from sayings of distinguished Latvian personalities:

The respect of human occupation lies not in what he does, but how he gets the job done.

/K. Ulmanis/

The one who doesn’t work talks about working.
The one who can not work criticizes others’ work.
The one who works, he keeps quiet, and the work speaks for him.

/J. Rainis/

There are three words around which the world revolves. And they are truth, love, and courage.

/J. Rubenis/