Our Services

Engineering, production, construction, delivery, and assembly services.


We offer full-cycle construction services — from the monitoring of costs and timelines ensuring compliance with the level of costs originally planned to detailed component design. 

Our full-cycle construction services under one contractor allow our clients to reduce construction time and save money resources. For example, the customer can order the frame structures simultaneously with the beginning of the groundwork at the site; the time is saved on construction plan information exchange between various designers from the detail design phase to working drawing stage. 

For a while now, the architect’s pencil and ruler has been tucked far away and swapped with powerful 3D modeling software. 3D BIM has transformed the way how construction projects are designed and delivered by democratizing data, mitigating risk, and reducing complexity for everyone involved, including architects, engineers, and contractors. It allows all of the involved parties to access the most up-to-date information in an integrated digital environment at all stages of construction. Furthermore, the 3D environment allows performing a cross-examination of the compatibility of parts of the project which is indispensable for detecting potential problems at early stages and for finding timely solutions at the comfort of the designer’s desk.

3D model creation at the most detailed level: LOD 400.

Building Structures

Deprom supplies precast reinforced concrete and steel structures for building construction:

Socle panels

Single-layer massive walls

Insulated three-layer exterior walls

Stairs and landings





Assembly and construction work

Deprom specializes in building frame construction assembly. We don’t hire subcontractors; we work with our own trusted crews who are overseen by an experienced construction manager. 


We strive to be a valuable team player who performs our work under safe working conditions, excellent quality, and in perfect sync with the rest of the involved parties. 

Integrated supply of building frames

By combining all of our services into one integrated building frame delivery, Deprom becomes one of the most reliable partners involved, from the first design drafts to a finished building structure. 


The business model where the whole building frame is supplied by one contractor has proven itself to be the most reliable solution by providing quality “fast track” services without missing a deadline, compromising a schedule, or exceeding the budget while managing a zero-defect quality control program and an enviable site safety record.