Our Difference = Customer Benefits
We are experts in precast reinforced concrete building frames.
Our specialization and expertise is our main distinction that provides many
construction benefits to our customers.

Construction of building frames from precast structures reduces the total time of construction to a minimum since the majority of the construction of the framework takes place in plants outside the construction site. Ready-to-use structures are delivered to the construction site, all that’s left is assembly. Assembly works may take place throughout the year, with minimal adverse weather effects on project deadlines. 


Our team of skilled engineers is involved in every stage of construction – from design to production, delivery, and assembly. This allows for an individual assessment and proposal of the best solutions at the initial phase of the project. During the design stage, we already know what will be important on the site and what will be the best solution for reducing time and costs at the site. 


Construction with precast building frames has a number of advantages since it is a fast construction method with a high degree of the industry:

– Independent and parallel work in the plant and construction site
– Optimized use of resources
– Minimum waste
– Industrial production process with standardized quality control

Our experience shows that clients who, in the early stages of the project, choose building frames all under one contractor have completed their projects in shorter, more predictable terms at the best possible prices. 

Our Mission Statement

The framework is the most important part of the building, containing and interlinking components and systems. The costs of the framework constitute a substantial part of the total construction budget and have a significant impact on the construction deadlines, which affect the maintenance and other on-site costs.

We encourage our clients to choose the building’s construction method alongside the development of the first architectural designs. The involvement of our engineers at an early stage of design ensures most advantageous financial and technical solutions for the development of your project, as well as the launch and execution of works at a high stage of readiness within short deadlines.

Our promise to our customers is to finish the project in the highest quality, within the budget and set deadlines.